Wondrous Views with a Wicked Good Crew

We’ve spent the last couple of days taking in the views from several mountain tops in Galatia. Big thanks to everyone that I’ve been walking with who has kindly sent me photos to commemorate this journey since I broke my phone the second day 🙂

Pictures will speak louder than words, so here are some of my favorites.

And I can’t leave out some photos of our Camino family that continues to grow and change as the days go on. These people have made me laugh till I cry, and every single day I spend learning about them and from them is truly a blessing.

Last but certainly not least, a photo of my mom and I at the top of Cruz de Fierro. At this place is where every pilgrim drops a stone of some sort to signify the release of a burden that they have been carrying with them up until this point. If only that Cross could talk. Every sort of emotion was felt that morning, and although something as simple as placing a stone may not seem like a monumental moment, in the days after I have realized how much it has affected me.

Buen Camino!


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