The Beauty of It All 

I have had so many thoughts swirling around in my head these past couple of days, and it’s hard to put them into words. In the beginning of the Camino, I met a girl who was conducting research on how the Camino transforms lives. When she walks the Camino, she asks a series of questions to pilgrims, and one of them really struck me. 

What is beauty?

Honestly, I didn’t have a genuine answer to that question. My natural response dealt with physical outward appearance- the easy answer, but seeing the inner beauty of people is something you have to dig deeper for. I’ve tried to come back to that question each day that I’ve been here to understand how beauty is revealed to me in different ways that I may not have taken the time to notice before. Beauty here on the Camino is something that is shown not only all around the path we walk, but in every single person here.

Beauty is in the fields upon fields of sunflowers that are blooming perfectly.

Beauty is in the butterflies that never fail to be guiding our way.

Beauty lies in embracing an unknown path every morning when waking up.

Beauty is found in the smiles of the Spanish locals and children as they welcome hundreds of pilgrims into their town each day.

Beauty is revealed through the life lessons of the “more seasoned pilgrims”.

Beauty shines through a young girl who brings so much light to those on the Camino.

Beauty is seen through the husband or wife walking this to work through marital issues.

Beauty is seen when those who walk alone, realize they are never actually alone.

Beauty on the Camino is embracing the vulnerability of people, and seeing how everyone is always moving forward in one direction, together. Yes, we’re all headed to Santiago, but we’re also moving towards something even greater. We’re moving towards the beauty of the rest of our lives.


150 to miles to go. Buen Camino!


4 thoughts on “The Beauty of It All 

  1. Emily!!!!! We miss you!!!! Your reflections on beauty are spot on. We are heading into the “final four” days. I bought new gel toe caps for the occasion! 😂
    Love from the Pa-Ga-Va gang❤️


  2. Emily,

    You are such a wise young soul! I can’t wait to see the photos of the fields of sunflowers.
    Everything sounds so beautiful!
    Keep on walkin’


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