Stars, Sangria, & Smiles 

250 miles down, 250 miles to go.

I honestly couldn’t tell you what day it is. I haven’t looked at a clock or a calendar in two+ weeks, and the days and hours are marked by miles accomplished, and I’ve learned to tell time based on where the sun is located in the sky. It’s an amazing feeling to walk with no limitations, or to walk until my feet won’t let me go any father. 

Yesterday was one of my favorite days thus far. A couple of us woke up at about 3:30am to try and beat the heat of the day, and we were welcomed into the night by an absolutely brilliant view of the Milky Way lighting up the sky. I’ve never stood witness to such a magical sight. It all seems so surreal when I take a second to really think about it all. I’ve definitely had my moments in the past couple of days while staring out into a sea of nothingness where I wonder why in the world I decided it was a “grand” idea to walk 500 miles. But while I was staring at the stars, I realized how thankful I am to be here with my mom, how grateful I am for all the new friends, and how lucky I am to even be able to get up and walk crazy amounts every day.

We continued our walk into the city of Carrion (pronounced carry-on), so naturally I started singing Carry On by Fun while we walked along a straight roadway for 12 miles. Some days are much more interesting than others, and that day it seemed that every time we looked into the distance at the city it just kept getting farther away. When we finally arrived, we all popped a squat at the local hostel, and took our shoes off as fast as possible. It was also yesterday that I realized how awful my shoes smell, so I proceeded to spray men’s axe deordant all over them. No wonder people stopped walking along side me. 🙂

The hostel not only had single beds instead of bunk beds, but it also had a lovely kitchen, so my mom and I invited a bunch of our friends to a community dinner. I got the chance to cook for 8 people, all from different countries, and even though it wasn’t any sort of extravagant food, it was so much fun to see them all genuinely enjoy it. Food always has the capacity to bring people together, and I’m glad I got the chance to facilitate that. A fellow from England made homemade Sangria (MOM TRIED IT), and Aussie Peter made the fruit salad. It really hit the spot!

We’ve officially hit the halfway marker to Santiago, so I’m going to celebrate this afternoon with a cold glass of OJ and a long Siesta.

Buen Camino!


3 thoughts on “Stars, Sangria, & Smiles 

  1. I’ve really been enjoying following your journey. You’ve so embraced the spirit of this amazing experience. It’s something you’ll have for the rest of your life. You capture so well the moments that make it so special. 1/2 Way! Isn’t it hard to believe that you’re that far along? Buen Camino Emily!

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  2. I’m still living vicariously through your journey. I love it because I can completely visualize it because of all of my crazy European experiences. I’m praying for you!


  3. “Breaking bread” with someone is such a simple, yet powerful and act! It can bring some many together. I’m so lucky to be able to read about your adventures while my head’s stuck in these books!! Only 3 more weeks of grad school and I feel so challenged by it all. Your posts have been a welcome distraction and your strength and endurance, an inspiration!! So happy to get to see a window into your magnificent journey. Walk on my friend!! Walk on!!


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