Welcome to the Meseta

It will be easy for you, they said. You’re an athlete, you’ll be fine, they said. You’ll fly by all the slow people, they said…

Just a couple of the thoughts rolling through my head as I limped VERY slowly into the village of Hotana. Today’s walk was definitely the hardest 22 miles to date. I’ve never been so overjoyed to see civilization in my entire life. We started the part of the Camino that is said to be the most mentally challenging because for about the next 5 days, all we will be surrounded by are miles and miles of wheat fields. It gets to the point that when we see a tree off in the distance it becomes the most exciting thing we’ve seen in hours, and we start singing hallelujah because SHADE. 

Oh yeah, remember that post a little while ago where I was feeling rather pleased with myself because I was one of very few people who had no blisters?? Yeah, karma is real folks. I’ve got a nice big one on my heal, one on the bottom of my foot, and a nasty one on my pinky toe. I’m starting to think all of the silly rituals my mom performs on her feet each morning before we walk might actually be beneficial…

The last couple of days have been well spent surrounded by some really awesome people. Yesterday specifically, was a ton of fun. We got into Burgos – a bigger city along the way, and a local couple of the city offered to take a group of us pilgrims around for some tapas and drinks, and really experience the Spanish nightlife. Well, the “small group” turned into a group upwards of 50, because we’ve become one huge family at this point. If one of us ever lost the group, all we had to look for were people who seemed to have developed a waddle walk, and anyone wearing the “official” shoe of the Camino, Chacos.

I’d like to say that I experienced the Spanish nightlife fully, but knowing that I would be woken up by the Yoga Koreans, I called it a night pretty early to prepare for the trek today. LOL I should have just stayed out all night because nothing could have prepared me for today. In the first 4 hours, I listened to the entire audiobook, “The Alchemist” (15/10 would recommend), and the last three hours consisted of me shouting into the distance every 5 minutes seeing if I could hear my echo. Yeah, I’m going crazy.

But hey, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?????

Currently sitting with my feet in an ice bucket enjoying some Paella and Orange Juice while my Irish bud Jerry indulges in a (tiny) beer after a long days walk. Buen Camino!!


One thought on “Welcome to the Meseta

  1. Take good care of your feet Em! Go see your mom, I bet she has some Duc Tape for those blisters. Cover them up and let the tape take the beating!


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