It’s a Small World After All

I honestly can’t believe how extremely small the world really is.

Aside from meeting people from all over the world that share common interests, we also managed to run into a group today at a pit stop from “the sweetest place on earth” AKA -Hershey, PA. A part of that group was a couple that works at the Milton Hershey School as house-parents similar to my Aunt and Uncle. Not only that, but they live next door to a swimming family I grew up swimming with…How crazy is that?!?

We have officially passed the 100 mile marker after completing the longest walk to date: 20 miles. Time flew by partially because I walked (ran basically) with my new Aussie friend, Peter, who is a retired Ironman enthusiast. He convinced me to start my training early by getting a “workout” in today by averaging a 10 minute mile walking pace for 13 miles. We were passing people left and right, leaving a trail of dust behind us. Let me tell you, I got to the pit stop, fully drenched, ready to eat a chocolate croissant for every mile I just completed. That man is crazy. Adios Amigo, I’ll stick with my nice leisurely pace.

So far, I’ve become known on this part of the Camino as the “interviewer girl”. I’ve been recording all the names of the people I’ve met, their age, where they are from, and why they’re walking the Camino. I mean, what better way to break the ice with a stranger then to cut right to the chase?! Plus, anyone who knows me, knows I can talk to a brick wall, so 4 questions turns to 50 and I probably keep the conversation going way longer than necessary. I like to distract folks, especially the older ones, from any of the pain they may be feeling, plus old people are actually so full of wisdom and really crack me up!

Who would have thought?! 😉

I thought that I would be feeling rather exhausted and drained by now, especially since almost every morning I’ve been woken up by a Korean man doing yoga at 4:15am, but surprisingly I’m not. I actually think the more days that pass by, the more energy and enthusiasm I gain. There’s something about waking up before the sun, walking for an extended period of time, having a coffee and orange juice (btw AMAZING here, puts Tropicana to shame), and wrapping up the day with some reflection outside and some amazing Spanish food that just fills me with so much joy.

I could get used to this. Good thing I still have 400 miles to go!! Buen Camino!

PS. Best of luck to all the swimmers – especially the Dawgs – competing at World Champ Trials this week!!!


3 thoughts on “It’s a Small World After All

  1. 100 miles already?!! Wow! I look forward to EVERY blog. They truly are funny and informative and make me SMILE! It makes my day when I see “500 miles” listed with my emails! Hope your mom is doing well. What time did she finish the hike when you walked 10 min mile pace for 13 miles? How’d your calves feel the next day!?


    1. I’m so glad you enjoy them Lynne! I love writing them. But she finished about an hour after I did, so not too far behind. My legs are pretty tired, but I think my mom is struggling more in that department.


  2. I’m really enjoying your blog! It takes me right back, though I never did any 10 minute miles that’s for sure! Yes! The fresh squeezed orange juice is THE BEST! Oh my! So glad your enthusiasm is increasing…..on the Way it’s hard to not be smiling. Buen Camino…..


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