Final Thoughts from Finisterre 

38 days, 4 blisters, and 888 kilometers later…WE ARE DONE WALKING!!!!

Praise the Lord, we can finally rest. No more snoring, no more “stupid early” alarms, no more squeaky top bunks, no more community bathrooms with see-through showers, and get this, our hotel actually has REAL TOWELS! I’ve been using one of the size of a dish rag the entire trip, and to say it hasn’t really done the job is an understatement. Below I’ve included what an average albergue looks like in comparison to our current hotel, and boy do I feel like I’m living in luxury.  Continue reading “Final Thoughts from Finisterre “


How has it already been 27 days?!

Our first day in St. Jean seems so far away, and yet I remember every moment like it was just yesterday. Our recent days have been filled with numerous tough climbs but reward us with incredible views, and follow with an inevitable steep descent to the other side of the mountain. The days always bring an element of surprise with them. Sometimes it’s a beautiful fog sweeping over the valley, or the sun creeping up just beyond the peak of a mountain in the distance. Sometimes it’s learning something new about someone you’ve been walking with for a while or meeting a new face. And sometimes, it’s seeing a slew of random animals all along the way ranging from white stallions, to cows lounging on the hillside, or even the hundreds of dogs and cats. Continue reading “100K”

Welcome to the Meseta

It will be easy for you, they said. You’re an athlete, you’ll be fine, they said. You’ll fly by all the slow people, they said…

Just a couple of the thoughts rolling through my head as I limped VERY slowly into the village of Hotana. Today’s walk was definitely the hardest 22 miles to date. I’ve never been so overjoyed to see civilization in my entire life. We started the part of the Camino that is said to be the most mentally challenging because for about the next 5 days, all we will be surrounded by are miles and miles of wheat fields. It gets to the point that when we see a tree off in the distance it becomes the most exciting thing we’ve seen in hours, and we start singing hallelujah because SHADE.  Continue reading “Welcome to the Meseta”

It’s a Small World After All

I honestly can’t believe how extremely small the world really is.

Aside from meeting people from all over the world that share common interests, we also managed to run into a group today at a pit stop from “the sweetest place on earth” AKA -Hershey, PA. A part of that group was a couple that works at the Milton Hershey School as house-parents similar to my Aunt and Uncle. Not only that, but they live next door to a swimming family I grew up swimming with…How crazy is that?!? Continue reading “It’s a Small World After All”